LG 24MP400-B Review: 24” Full HD IPS Monitor

24 inch Full HD IPS Display
AMD FreeSync Technology
OnScreen Control System
Reader Mode and Wall Mountable

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Make your desktop bigger. In full high definition, you may work, watch, and play. LG 24MP400-B 24 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor displays accurate color, providing a crisp picture of your work as well as realistic sceneries in games, movies, programs, and videos.

LG 24MP400-B Monitor Specs

24” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display
AMD FreeSync
OnScreen Control
Reader Mode
Wall Mountable

Enjoy full-HD games, movies, programs, and videos. LG 24MP400-B FHD monitor combines incredibly accurate color performance with an IPS display to provide an experience that is breathtaking from almost every viewing angle.

AMD FreeSync compatibility results in crisper, quicker, and smoother game performance. Reduce screen tearing and stuttering, as well as input latency, to enjoy nearly smooth, fluid movement in high-resolution, fast-paced games.

Dynamic Action Sync: Dynamic Action Sync takes your gaming to the next level. With little input latency and incredible performance, they respond to actions, opponents, and every moment.

The LG 24MP400-B monitor comes with Black Stabilizer which ensures that your games are never in the dark. Black Stabilizer is your buddy when it comes to attacking or defending against adversaries lurking in the darkness. It provides a pro-level gaming experience for improved eyesight and a head start on the competitors.

Crosshair: With the Crosshair function, accuracy is at the heart of your gaming. Center-display crosshairs improve visibility and precision for greater accuracy in first-person shooter games.

The LG 24MP400-B is a 24-inch monitor with a 1080p resolution and a high PPI ratio, resulting in a clean and sharp picture.

They also used a good pixel pitch for the display of 0.2745 x 0.2745 mm to assist with the clear pictures, which reduces the center-to-center distance between pixels and results in improved image clarity. To keep the surprises coming, they included a unique feature for display picture quality in terms of color accuracy.

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LG 24MP400-B display’s color gamut is NTSC 72 percent (CIE1931), which is unusual for monitors in this price range since it provides considerably better color reproduction and accuracy than the well-known sRGB 99 percent.

Furthermore, you may anticipate an average of 8-bit supported colors, with a total of 16.7 million colors to select from. Finally, although this display does not offer professional-level color accuracy, it does provide excellent colors and visual clarity at a reasonable price.

If you want a cheap casual-focused monitor with excellent color accuracy thanks to the IPS screen, as well as superb smoothness and low pricing, the LG 24MP400-B is unquestionably one of the finest options of the year.


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