Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor Review with Specs

Display Size: 24.5 Inches
Resolution: FHD 1080p
Display Type: LED
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Refresh Rate: 240 hertz
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Response Time: 1ms

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Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor

The distinction between winning and losing in the competitive environment of high-speed eSports games comes minute detail. The Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor wins in the hardest, most important conditions. To stand out from the gaming competition, you require technology that suits the pace of your thoughts and behaviour, and this FHD gaming display is built for you.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor
The 24.5-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen has a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction time, enabling an enemy to be spotted until they see you. When it comes down to a quick-fire duel, that’s the distinction between aiming first and being fired. You’ll experience true color from any perspective on the Legion Y25-25 gaming display.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor is built-in AMD FreeSyncTM Premium and fast refresh rate almost remove screen flickering, streaking, ghosting, and stuttering for seamless results in high-speed gaming. Play with superlative transparency with the 99 percent sRGB color gamut of this screen, enjoy large viewing angles without distortion, and witness HDR decoding and 400 nits of brightness for vivid, vibrant and uncorrupted image quality.

Combining efficiency with ease, this gaming display has numerous tilting, pivoting, pivoting and raising modes, plus TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certification eliminates eye pressure.

Exceptionally smooth gameplay: the elite pro players are fast. They can render up to 600 movements per minute1 (APM) at the maximum level of sport, and only purpose-built monitors can keep up with such savagery. With its intense 1ms reaction time to its crazy 240 Hz refresh rate, the Y25 doesn’t just remain up but does a lot more. It almost prevents screen flickering, streaking, ghosting, and stuttering, guaranteeing continuous, seamless gameplay, no matter how quickly you run in-game. Designed for those participating in vast, multiplayer tournament-level fights, the Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor provides a 24.5-inch, FHD, In-Plane Swapping screen with built-in AMD FreeSync Premium2 inside striking 3-sided NearEdgeless bezels.

Superlative Clarity: Whether fighting numerous opponents in a fast-paced outback sprint or trawling post-apocalyptic wilderness under the shadow of nuclear winter chasing enemies, the camera plays an essential role in ensuring that you meet the correct goal and see the enemies clearly. The stakes are large in the environment of the tournament, and the Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor introduces any little aspect in a manner that allows the game more natural to watch on-screen. In-Plane Switching provides large viewing angles that do not blur pictures on-screen, regardless of where you see them. With HDR encoding that restores the original image consistency and 400 nits of brightness, games look just like they were designed—bright, vivid, and uncorrupted. The 99 percent sRGB color gamut of the panel reproduces colors perfectly, whether in light or dark, so you still get outstanding visuals.

Practical Connectivity: There is more than one way to link your Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor to a PC or game console that enables high-speed data transmission. In addition, you have the option to access data from external computers using four built-in USB 3.0 (2 with BC 1.2) ports. The audio out jack provides a simple way to link your external speakers or other audio equipment to a beautiful audio-visual experience. A hook on the side of the display allows you a place to comfortably keep your headphones in the arm’s length.

Designed for high-speed, competitive eSport games, experience incredibly fast, stutter-free play with AMD FreeSync Premium, 240Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time.

The Lenovo Legion Y25-25 24.5″ IPS FHD gaming display provides 3-sided NearEdgeless bezels, 1920×1080 resolution, 178° viewing angle and 99 percent sRGB resolution.

HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 video connectivity; four built-in USB 3.2 ports also enable you to access data from external sources.

Play in comfort – the stand for the Legion Y25-25 computer display provides several locations to flip, twist, rotate or raise the frame, plus it’s VESA mountable. There’s also a hook for your headphones.

The Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor is also TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort-certified, which ensures that the eyes are shielded from unhealthy blue light, flashing screens, glare and exterior reflections.

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My Honest Review on Lenovo Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor

I’ve never owned a Lenovo display before, but I’m really pleased with this one so far The colors are vivid and beautiful deep blacks (definitely far better than my older 144hz AOC monitor), and the 240hz refresh rate is buttery smooth. It’s really hard to get a consistent 240 frames per second in most high-end games, yet I was able to try it in Overwatch and the quick response time.

One little feature I like about Lenovo Legion Y25-25 is that the panel keys are on the front rather than concealed underneath which makes things a lot less headache to adjust the brightness/color settings. Also, I couldn’t find this on the web website, but it does come with a display port cable (approx. 6 ft long) in the package.

Still have to wait to see how well this display continues working over time as usual, I’m going to refresh this review if anything goes wrong), but my early thoughts are really strong.


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