IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop Review

IKICH easy ice maker machine works quickly, just 6 minutes to get 9 pcs of chewable, tasty, bullet-shaped ice cubes per cycle. The IKICH countertop ice maker achieves a low noise level, a fast cooling effect and a low consumption with an efficient compressor.

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IKICH Portable ice machine manufactures standard bullet ice cubes that do not have sharp edges and do not damage people’s mouths. In only 6 minutes, enjoy a ton of fresh ice with an IKICH ice maker unit. Produces nine pcs of ice at a time and up to 26 lbs./12 kg of ice every day.

IKICH Ice Maker is lightweight and portable enough to suit many of the countertops or stack them conveniently while not in operation. Takes up a few rooms at home, kitchen, pub, coffee shop, KTV, workplace, etc.

-The wide viewing window helps you verify the amount of ice in your ice basket without opening the lid. The unusual transparent style is dirt-resistant and straightforward to scrub. The flip-top lid and wide holes are built for quick refilling and removal of ice.

-Ice falls out like hollow-out bullets, nine pcs per 6 minutes. Round and smooth ice is widespread in Europe and America. It won’t damage your mouth compared to square ice. The hollow nature helps the ice to float on your beverages without disturbing your taste.

IKICH Portable ice machine adopts a high-density polyurethane foam sheet for strong heat insulation efficiency, efficiently insulating outdoor heat and slowing down ice melting.

-Refrigeration Compressor: the heart of the IKICH Portable ice maker features high cooling speed, low noise, and low power usage, save you more energy bills, the group will never be disturbed by the ice maker.

-Nickel Plated Pure Copper Evaporator: 9 pure copper evaporator columns with a nickel-plated surface, distinguished by fast refrigeration and high corrosion resistance.

Equipped with two infrared sensors, the IKICH Portable ice maker automatically stops. The LED indicator alerts you whether the ice basket is complete or the water needs to be refilled to ensure user protection.

Unplug the ice machine, drain it and clean it thoroughly with a fluffy towel. First, dry it and let it sit down; that’s easy! A handy drain plug helps you to drain and clean your ice maker easily and securely.

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Built-in spoiler eliminates noise efficiently; our countertop ice maker is quicker and quieter than a comparable IKICH Portable ice machine on the market, serves all your freezing requirements without disturbing your other operations, say “Goodbye” too loud and cumbersome ice machines.

If you need a powerful and compact ice maker, look no further than IKICH. No long waits for ice cube trays to freeze in the fridge!




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IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

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