HP X24c Gaming Monitor Review with Specification

The monitor has a 23.6-inch, 1080p curved screen with a 144hz refresh rate and 1500R curve for more immersive viewing. It is also one of the first monitors to embrace AMD Freesync Premium, which guarantees low lag, no screen flickering and a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz.

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Escape from your routine to real interactive gameplay with the HP X24c Gaming Monitor. The 1500R curved display is suitable for FHD content, and the 144Hz refresh rate eliminates flickering two times faster than most displays. Unwanted latency has gone on this PC gaming display as the AMD FreeSyncTM Premium technology is the first in its class. To complete your gaming experience, change the height and tilting of your display to ensure optimum comfort.

The HP X24c gaming monitor is engineered for escapist gameplay, experience full HD material and see new games as they are supposed to be played.
CURVED Panel-23.6 “display hooks players as the 1500R curved monitor draw the corners of the panel closer to you.
AMD FREESYNC PREMIUM-Experience smooth gaming and optimum performance thanks to the display’s fast refresh rate, low frame rate, and low latency.
144HZ REFRESH RATE-Delete image tears for more precise data, clearer artifacts and smoother gameplay.
ADJUSTABLE SETUP-Keep the immersion up by changing the panel’s height and tilting to match your comfort level.
GAMES-The HP X24c gaming monitor is ideal for any gaming genre, from fast-paced shooters to MOBAs.
Fast CONNECTIVITY-Connect all your gaming machines, whether DP or HDMI, quickly.

The display’s back is protected by sharp, angled lines, giving the HP X24c gaming monitor a futuristic cyber look. A thick arm pulls up the screen while the floor is slowly sloping away. There are even more accents on the bottom of the bezel, which, to me, seem a little vintage.

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The HP X24c gaming monitor will not crack any new barriers, but it may be a compelling choice for gamers who want a low-priced curved screen. The 144hz refresh rate can give a smooth enough gaming for all. However, it’s sporting rivals, while the aggressive 1500R curve can please those who want to be more engaged in their sports.

HP preferred AMD FreeSync Professional, the middle child of AMD’s Adaptive-Sync, residing between the normal FreeSync and FreeSync Professional Pro to battle screen breaking, input delay and stuttering. Although FreeSync guarantees a tear-free, non-flicker gameplay experience with non-lag, FreeSync Premium adds a commitment of low frame rate compensation, which allows it possible to view frames several times at low frame rate, which also requires the monitor to reach a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz at 1080p resolution. The HP X24c gaming monitor satisfies the last condition with a higher 144 Hz refresh rate.


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Product Max Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels

Product Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080

Product Standing screen display size

23.6 Inches