GoCube GC33A-SP Smart Rubik’s Puzzle Cube Review

GoCube GC33A-SP is one of the smart, app-enabled Rubik’s cube. If you want to gift your kids, this one is a perfect choice. The GoCube is a STEM toy that suits all generations and skills. This informative and enjoyable cube links you to your tablet or smartphone and monitors your movements in real time. It demonstrates you how to solve the Rubik’s Cube and enhance your game, so you can compete on your own or fight with others.


GoCube GC33A-SP

GoCube GC33A-SP is a retro Rubik cube re-imagined and re-designed for the 21st century. GoCube is an app-enabled speed cube that lets you discover how to conquer this (unsolvable) traditional puzzle in a fun and engaging way; develop your skills; watch your improvements; and play with friends and cubes across the world. It is fitted with specialized sensors for monitoring and measuring operation, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) for tracking the direction of the cube and connects to the GoCube app through Bluetooth 5.0.
GoCube is built with the finest quality components, including light signs and a magnetic speed cube system that facilitates a whole new, quick and seamless game experience.

GoCube GC33A-SP

The GoCube GC33A-SP is a flat out euphoria to hold and play with, with an amazingly smooth motion and approach quiet activity. It’s very smooth enough to be viewed as a speed block, which I discovered accommodating while at the same time learning. I have another standard 3D shape that I worship, however once in a while it appears to “stick” and start turning various layers on the double, which can commit for slower settling and more errors. I didn’t encounter any of that tragic staying with the GoCube.

GoCube GC33A-SP is an unimaginably keen, application that empowered Rubik’s 3D shape. It is the ideal present for kids (increases the value of screen time), and an astonishing cerebrum mystery device for grown-ups.

LEARN AND IMPROVE – FINALLY! You can do the 3D shape! – an enjoyment and intuitive (1hour) Academy, that empowers anybody to figure out how to fathom the great riddle. Level up your game, survey your details, progress, and investigation to improve your play.

PLAY-mess around with GoCube GC33A-SP Mini-Games area (Simon; Puzzles; Music Instruments), extraordinary for the more youthful ages also.

Associate with companions and associate with different GoCubers from everywhere throughout the world, fight online progressively and approach our worldwide leaderboard.

Enabled with cutting edge following and direction sensors, remote availability, 60+ hours playtime. Ideal for movements, while in a hurry, for quality family time, and at the workplace.

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My Honest review on GoCube GC33A-SP Rubik’s Puzzle Cube

This is a fantastic cube! No, I don’t imply a smart cube, but just a cube! I’ve got a lot of cubes (GAN was my most precious one) but this stuff is awesome! It took a few minutes to get used to the rounded corners, but once I did it, I did it better than any other cube. The magnets are solid, but the snap between each movement is clean and smooth. The app is running well and looks fine, and all the stat monitoring is pretty cool. The offline capability is a good touch-knowing how many solves I’ve made or how long I’ve been cubing offline (not attached to the app) is a nice little help when you connect to the app.


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