Dell 24 S2421HGF Gaming Monitor Review with Specification

The Dell S2421HGF is a relatively affordable gaming monitor that tends to focus more on speed and great design than anything else to satisfy professional gamers. 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate delivers fast, uninterrupted performance. Rapid pixel color changes remove motion blur and leave you in the center of the action. AMD FreeSync Premium technology adds another layer of seamless gameplay by eliminating screen tears and stuttering.

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From top to bottom, the Dell 24 S2421HGF Gaming Monitor S2421HGF is the very definition of a “nice enough” computer. This 24-inch gaming monitor shows fairly good 1080p images for both gameplay and efficiency, even though its color balance is off, and its gui isn’t as useful as it should be. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate and AMD Free Sync support to set it apart from equally priced usability devices. It’s not cheap nor costly at $250.

These days, 144Hz is pretty much the norm for high refresh rate screens, and that’s just where we’re sitting with the Dell 24 S2421HGF Gaming Display. FreeSync technology is now available, helping to ensure that the screen and graphics card are still in sync, preventing image flickering or blurring. And while G-Sync isn’t promoted, Nvidia cards are now running with FreeSync screens as well. Even if the 1080p resolution is at the low end of the spectrum, this 24-inch screen somehow manages to look completely crisp. Gray-to-gray reaction time of Dell 24 S2421HGF is reported to be 1ms, but this is set to ‘Extreme’ by setting the pixel overdrive, which can allow the pixels to overshoot their target colors occasionally. This especially affects the darker areas on the screen. But when set to standard, there are no ghosting problems on this computer.

What’s Included: Dell 24 S2421HGF Monitor panel, Stand riser, Stand base, Power cable, 1x HDMI cable, Quick setup guide
Dimensions: (HxWxD)
Panel only: 321.6 mm x 537.8 mm x 65.6 mm, (12.66″ x 21.17″ x 2.58″)
Monitor head with stand (compressed/extended height): 351.6/451.6 mm x 537.8 mm x 189.4 mm, (13.84“/17.78” x 21.17″ x 7.46″)
Weight: Panel only (for VESA): 3.4 kg (7.44 lbs)
Monitor and cables with full packaging: 7.4 kg (16.25 lbs)

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The Dell 24 S2421HGF gaming monitor comes with 1ms reaction time and 144Hz refresh rate which delivers fast, uninterrupted performance. Fast pixel color changes remove motion blur and leave you in the center of the action.
Stutter-free: AMD FreeSync Advanced technology provides another tier of smooth gaming by removing screen tears and stuttering.
The height and tilting adjustability helps you to play in comfort for long periods of time.
The newly built tapered stand is lightweight and elegant, with a compact footprint that takes you closer to the action.
Advanced Trading Service2 & Premium Panel Trading 3-year.


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