Bomaker Wi-Fi Mini Portable Projector Review

Best compact and lightweight wireless screen mirror projector: 8.6 x 6.5 x 3.5 in, 3.04 lbs.
50% greater brightness: 6,000 lux, others: 3900, 4500 lux, no need to switch off the lights to watch in the dim room.
You don’t need to purchase any extra hdmi adapters or update applications like “Ezcast” (another projector needed) to connect to your smartphones wirelessly.
You don’t need to download movies to your laptop or usb, easily stream from your smartphone or laptop.
Wireless streaming for iphone , android, windows10, macbook, tablets
Support 1920x1080p, the first Native WiFi 720p projector on the market
Wired streaming via HDMI / VGA / AV / SD / USB input
Big display up to 300 inches

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Bomaker Projector

Bomaker has updated 6,000lux of brightness with 2x increased visibility even in daytime conditions, and can deliver vibrant and lively colors. 50 percent better than the older version and the other 720p projectors, it even reproduces vibrant color and contrast image, no distorted color or distorted image. You don’t need to watch in a dim room.

Bomaker WiFi Projector features 35 to 300 inch cinematic screen to create a massive, awesome home theatre, play ps4, xbox on a massive screen. Unlike other native 480p, 1080p support projector, you can not clearly see information while zooming in at a long shot. Though Bomaker HD 1280x720p native projector is ideal for both home entertainment, business presentations are also fine on 300 inch screen.

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(Input code: XNEZGXRN to get a FREE Flexible Tripod) Attach HD WiFi Projector On the go. No need to purchase cables to connect computers to larger displays. Wireless computer mirroring movies, photographs, applications, sports, images on smart devices on a wide screen at any time without the need for cables, adapters and dongles. Miracast, AirPlay compliant for Android / iOS tablets, Windows 10 PCs and Macs.
Viewless Screen Mirror in 5 seconds ViewCast content from your smartphone or laptops in just 2 steps. 1. Go to Settings, connect to the WiFi projector called “Mirroring-EBCE88,” enter the password: 12345678, switch on the Screen Mirroring settings in the control center and connect to “Mirroring-EBCE88”
Bomaker Upgraded 6000lux is 50 percent sharper than the older edition and the other 720p projectors are 1280×720 native size, 1080p assisted, 50000 hours rich in depth in various scenes. The noise of the fan reduced by 15 percent relative to the standard projector. Great for home movies and private offices.
Bomaker hd projectors have a wifi feature that allows quick wireless connectivity to iPhone , iPad , Mac, Huawei, Android phones and laptops. (Supporting Miracast on computers running Windows 10. Miracast Android devices require devices running 4.2 or later)
Around the same time – the optimal gap is 8.2-11.4 ft for 80-100 “wide screen, as you’ve seen on small screens to 35-300” large screen.

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