BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector with HDR10 Review

BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector produces sharp picture quality with true 4K  resolution and 8.3M pixels. The projector comes with HDR-PRO technology with dynamic iris to produce deeper black and more detail pictures.

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The BenQ HT3550 is a 4K home theater projector with 8.3 million Individual Pixels which provide incredible clarity and crisply defined details.

BenQ HT3550 4K HDR CinePrime Projector with CinematicColor™ innovation brings film enchantment into your media room. The capacity to show 95% of DCI-P3 shading space gives you the visual experience executives imagined. CinematicColor™ innovation uses ideal hues to bring out exact and improved pictures.

True to life COLOR TECHNOLOGY: our out-of-the-container industrial facility aligned shading exact projector with dci-p3 shading space is perhaps the most recent type of innovation When it comes to hues accessible and gives you bigger unmistakable range than you can get with Rec. 709

BenQ HT3550 projector comes with Ggift voucher which is settled inside a claim to fame blessing box. Gift voucher has no charges and no termination date.

BenQ HT3550 Home Theater Projector

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CinematicColor’s very wide DCI-P3 shading space (covering far more noteworthy obvious range than Rec. 709), high local ANSI differentiate proportion and ISFccc affirmed alignment guarantee unimaginable picture exhibitions and convey nitty gritty, sharp and fresh visuals to go with your master film happiness.

Upgrading ideal hues for exact picture quality, BenQ CinematicColor™ innovation arrive at American film industry’s 95% overly wide DCI-P3 shading space, covering far more prominent obvious range than Rec. 709. With DCI-P3, BenQ HT3550 consummately repeats bona fide true to life quality with wide and exact shading precision as how the executives have initially imagined.

Not at all like different projectors with one-sided shading temperature and oversaturated greens and reds, BenQ HT3550 comes with Enhanced Color Mapping innovation performs accuracy shading version to release stunning visuals with flawlessly similar hues consequently tuned to reflect nature when seeing DCI-P3 4K Blu-beam motion pictures.

Utilizing extraordinary instruments and programming, BenQ HT3550 is tried and balanced for exact D65 shading temperature, gamma, dark level, white level, unbiased dim, RGBCMY shading following, tone, immersion, brilliance and yield dependent on ITU-R Rec.709. All information from various interfaces is aggregated for singular industrial facility adjustment reports, ensuring 100% Rec.709 with Delta E<3*, additionally actualize an ideal DCI-P3 shading table by BenQ restrictive CinematicColor innovation to recreate bona fide shades of Hollywood movies.


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