AuKing W29 Projector Review and Specs

  • Lamp Life: 50000 hours
  • Resolution:1080p Supported
  • Projection Display: 35″-170″
  • Power Supply AC IN: 110V-240V 60HZ
  • Net weight: 1.12 pounds
SKU: AUK-W29-PRO Category: Video Projectors

AuKing Mini Projector has a high brightness rating of 4500 lumens and supports 1080p resolution, resulting in vivid pictures that are 85 percent brighter than those of other comparable projectors on the market. It uses the most recent 4.0 LCD technology and diffuse reflection technology to not only create a stunningly vivid picture for movies and photos but also to cast gentle light to keep your eyes from becoming fatigued.

Big Projection Screen: A large projection screen of 170 inches provides an immersive visual experience. It enables you to spend enjoyable home theater time with your family both inside and outside. The outdoor projector has a projected size range of 35″ to 170″ and a projection distance range of 3.7ft to 23.6ft.

Hi-fi stereo sound and noise reduction: Equipped with 2021 state-of-the-art noise reduction technology, fan noise is reduced by 80 percent. AuKing W29 built-in stereo surround speaker offers all of the original audio fidelity with crystal clear sound quality and provides an aural feast without the need for additional speakers. This is an excellent option for family amusement activities.

Multiple Device Connection & Broad Application: With HDMI, USB, and AV interfaces, the Auking projector is compatible with smartphones, iPads, computers, TV boxes, DVD players, PS4, USB flash drives, and other devices. AuKing W29 is suitable for use in home cinemas, video gaming, gatherings, and outdoor activities. When using a phone, additional lightning to HDMI converter or wireless HDMI dongle is required. Due to copyright restrictions, projectors are incompatible with Netflix and Hulu.

2 Year Guarantee & Technical Support: The comapany provides a 24-hour response time, a 2-year product replacement warranty, and lifetime after-sales support. Their skilled staff guarantees your complete pleasure. Just give it a go!

Advanced Cooling Fan System: With a long-lasting cooling fan system and an overheat prevention mechanism, fan noise is decreased by 80 percent. Allows for a more peaceful viewing experience. When you choose an AuKing W29, you won’t have to worry about overheating or a loud fan.

Extra Long-Life Lamp: The current model built-in bulb has a service life of up to 50,000 hours, which means you may use it for more than 15 years. It is unquestionably a low-cost HD projector for home theater use.

Superior Hi-Fi Speaker: The AuKing W29 projector for iPhone has an innovative built-in speaker that produces clear and strong Hi-Fi sound. As a result, you may immerse yourself in the fantastic world of movies. If you require a stronger sound effect, you may connect it to an external speaker.

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My Honest AuKing Mini Projector Review

I previously purchased the 2020 auking projector, which is still in good working order. I’ve used the projector on my outside screen and even packed it for a few hotel trips. With COVID still in use, that projector has been a lifesaver in terms of re-creating part of the movie-going experience at home. Having said that, there were a few minor issues:

1. I struggle to put it and the speaker I use (an Anker soundcore flare 2, linked with my firestick) in the same case, and

2. When viewing a movie in our back yard, the floodlight placed near our back door washed out the image.

Even though none of these are major difficulties for the cost of going to the movies twice (tickets, snacks, beverages, etc.), I opted to test out the revised 2021 model. I’m blown away. AuKing W29 is not only smaller, but it now has a lens cover, which alleviates any concerns I had about traveling with the projector. The image is also much brighter, enabling me to keep the floodlight on, making my visits inside (for food or the restroom) a bit simpler and safer. It also enables me to begin movie night a bit sooner. Although I wasn’t anticipating a significant increase in resolution, my Dad and I both noted a little improvement in visual quality over the previous model, as well as writing that was easier to see on screen.

As I said in my evaluation of the previous model, if you are looking for a high-quality HD projector for a complete home theater setup and have the necessary funds, this is not for you. If you’re searching for a low-cost for an outdoor movie night or a projector for camping/travel that won’t break your heart if it is broken, lost, or stolen, do yourself a favor and check out this upgraded projector. I want to repurpose my old purchase for AtmosFX projections during the holidays and use the new projector for family movie evenings.

Jinhoo M10 Mini Projector Review with Specification

From The Manufacturer

The Auking Website is the one-stop shop for satisfying all of your requirements for portable projection. Auking has got you covered whether you’re looking for a portable projector or a robust cooling solution to keep your electronic gadget at a comfortable temperature.

The Auking projector is always one of our most popular items to purchase. This portable and lightweight gadget is ideal for movie evenings with friends and family as well as presentations that may be given while traveling. The M8-F and W20 provides a watching experience that is genuinely immersive and delightful because to the additional HDMI adaptor and strong built-in speakers it comes equipped with.

But portability isn’t the only thing the Auking M8-F has going for it; it also has a robust cooling mechanism that ensures the projector continues to function normally even after long periods of operation. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about any interruptions when watching your favorite movies, programs, or presentations.

However, the Auking M8-F is not the only portable projector available on the market. Mini projectors are gaining popularity as a result of its small size and adaptability to a variety of settings. They are an excellent choice for use in corporate presentations, family movie evenings, or even as an alternative to a conventional television set.

Mini projectors are available from Auking in a broad variety of configurations, each with its own set of specialized features and functionalities. The company has got you covered no matter what you’re looking for, whether it be a gadget with strong built-in speakers or with a built-in battery for the utmost in mobility.

In conclusion, the Auking Website provides a comprehensive selection of portable projection solutions to meet the requirements of every application. We offer everything you want to take your watching experience to the next level, from the robust M8-F to the adaptable Auking mini projector 2022.

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