Asus VG278QR Gaming Monitor Review with Specs

Panel Size (inch): 27
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Color Space (sRGB) : 100%
Panel Backlight: LED
True Resolution: 1920×1080
Response Time : 0.5ms(GTG)
Refresh Rate(max): 165Hz
Flicker-free : Yes

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Built for competitive, fast-paced sports, the ASUS VG278QR is a 27″ Full HD gaming monitor with an ultra-fast 0.5ms response time and a lightning fast 165hz refresh rate to offer you super-smooth gameplay. VG278QR utilizes Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) tech to remove screen flickering and frame rate.

ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) Technology helps moving objects appear sharper for smooth and sensitive gaming.

Specs of Asus VG278QR Gaming Monitor

Panel Size (inch): 27
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Display Viewing Area (H x V) : 597.6 x 336.15 mm
Color Space (sRGB) : 100%
Display Surface : Non-Glare
Panel Type: TN
Panel Backlight: LED
True Resolution: 1920×1080
Pixel Pitch : 0.311mm
Brightness (Typ.) : 400cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1]
Viewing Angle (CR≧10): 170°/ 160°
Display Colors : 16.7M
Response Time : 0.5ms(GTG)
Display Colors: 16.7M
Refresh Rate(max): 165Hz
Flicker-free : Yes

Asus VG278QR uses Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) technology: it prevents screen tearing and choppy frame rate to deliver you flawless graphics and fluid gameplay.

GameFast Input Tech Input lag on an LCD display is normally much smaller than a TV, and Asus VG278QR features GameFast Input Technology to further reduce input lag. This system allows a lot quicker transmission of motion, so you’ll still be up to date with in-game activity at the exact moment you need to react as quickly as you need.

ASUS GamePlus Technology: Gamer-centric features such as ASUS GamePlus improve the in-game experience, while GameVisual offers multiple pre-set viewing modes to customize graphics for different game styles.

Ergonomically designed and wall mounted: Asus VG278QR is specifically equipped for long marathon gaming sessions. Its ergonomically built stand helps you to change the turn, the swivel, the rotate and the height of the display so that you can still find the best viewing spot. It can even be installed on a VESA wall to suit in any small area.

Flicker-free technology: Flicker-Free technology eliminates flicker, offering you a relaxed gameplay experience. This minimizes cases of eye-train and other easily damaging eye problems as you get engaged in lengthy, drawn-out gaming sessions.

Ultra-low Blue Light Technology: Asus VG278QR Gaming Monitor comes with an ASUS Ultra-low Blue Light technology which lowers the volume of light blue. Via the OSD menu or the DisplayWidget UI, you can quickly access and choose four different filter settings on the screen to find the right one that suits the task at hand.

My Honest Review on ASUS VG248QG Gaming Monitor Review with Specification

My Honest Review on Asus VG278QR Gaming Monitor

Straight out of the package, very pleased with the display. It’s been included in a new episode of Linus Tech Tips, and I’ve managed to find it even cheaper than the price I’ve just seen (~$800). The real MSRP is in the region of $450, so don’t get ripped off if you’re looking at this monitor as an alternative. It’s not a $800 monitor, but it’s not a slouch either.

Assembly was dumb, simple. Connect the frame, insert the power, plug the HDMI or DP cable, and you’re in business. The only grip I have at this stage is that the IO ports on the back are a little closer to the backplate display. Originally, I was going to use a Cable Matters DP cable that had locks on it, but the thicker plug I wanted to use the cable that came with the display. It was also really challenging to get the cable to press on the display owing to the same tight tolerances. It was eventually placed in order, and the monitor fired up.

Ran the Heaven benchmark to change the parameters to where I needed them to be, and also to see how the display works. At first, there was a bit of flashing. Windows Monitor settings were opened and Hz was maxed at QHD, and it seemed to significantly minimize it, but there was always a teeny bit of zig zagging in the shadow boundaries. I noticed the OC alternative in the Monitor menu, and that instantly fixed the problem. I also followed up by maxing the Hz selection under both Windows Display and Nvidia Control Panel settings, but I didn’t look back.

I was able to OC the display using Nvidia at 165Hz, and I had zero flickering or stuttering. Color I was impressed! I know the Asus VG278QR display is being sold at 155Hz, but being able to drive it past that is a good bonus.

The role of the ELMB is also pretty awesome! The picture is buttery smooth, and I can read text on the windows when driving about. I wouldn’t have claimed that it’s crystal clear, but it’s certainly cool!

IPS Screen looks great sitting next to my 4K IPS display as well, the colour of the two default settings is quite close, the brightness is almost the same.

I want the backlights to hang on to the money more than the other display I’ve ordered. If something shifts or this display stops, I’m going to edit this review, but I believe ASUS hits the nail on the head for this one. Really excited with the Asus VG278QR monitor!


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