APEMAN LC650 Video Projector Review

The APEMAN LC650 HD video projector provide 1920*1080p significant native resolutions, higher Lumen, and unequaled 5000:1 contrast ratio. The projector comes with double speakers which offer crisp and vigorous sound, create your dwelling theater well qualified to exhibit high-quality movie soundtrack.

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The APEMAN LC650 HD video projector is equipped with ±45° Large Angle vertical and horizontal keystone correction, regardless of where the projector is set, you can always acquire a rectangular and transparent picture. Remote control electrical alteration, if you’re hanging installation operation is more convenient. At the same time, you will find micro-level exact manual focusing, which is acceptable for business presentations.

LC650 projector has the most recent super-large LCD chip; Confirm 4k video playback; 5000: 1 large dynamic contrast; Natural and soaked colors, restore more realistic pictures, reveal more detailed images; 6000ANSI lens + specialist optics Lens; Compared with other projectors, the brightness is increased by 40%, and the light transmittance is increased by 25%, Improved picture quality without false attention.

The in-ear machine process bundle makes the inner optical parts fully rustproof. The silent heat dissipation method makes the projector sound than 35db. The APEMAN LC650 HD video projector has built-in intelligent temperature detector. 5 hours of a continuous function, Maximum temperatures without exceeding 42 levels. Color gamut NTSC92%, professional PWM technology dimming, no flicker, Deal with your lovely eye

APEMAN HD video projector is equipped HIFI double stereo speakers + SRS surround audio system fetch you an immersive experience that you’ll get an immersive home theater experience. True 1080p, 60Hz screen technologies, support multiple sound mode choice and multiple color adjustment modes, whether it’s sports or game events to get your display simpler. Even better in low light environments

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LC650 projector supports multiple projection techniques. Rotate screen: Back; front; front ceiling; rear/ceiling. Service HDMI USB AV 3.5 Audio, compatible with Many mobile smart devices: PC, iPhone, PS4, Fire Stick TV, 1-month Returns, and trades new and 1-year free repair, life-after-sale consulting Assistance, email address see user manual.

My Honest APEMAN LC650 Projector Review

In the last two years, I’ve acquired a large number of low-cost beamers. First, I purchased a little 480p projector that was almost worthless. Following that, I purchased a 720p iVankyo beamer from Germany. This was far superior to the $50 480p projector. Until the polarization filter burnt through, revealing a large dark brown splotch on the projected region. Then I tried a few different beamers, such as the BoMaker Parrot, Philips Neopix, and Sanbo projector. Everyone has their own issues. After one month, some people had flickering issues, while others experienced dust issues (black areas on the left or right side), and so on.

Then I came across this Apeman Projector. I purchased it through Bol.com (reseller), and unfortunately, it had a damaged LCD screen inside, which left a very visible blemish on the projecting area. But I was blown away by the quality it provided. It had an excellent brightness and contrast. And after several failures with other brands, I returned this beamer as DOA (defect/dead on delivery) and received a replacement. Unfortunately, they did not have it in store and had to order it from the main warehouse in Germany.

After about a week, I received the new APEMAN LC650 Video Projector. In my sleeping room, I installed it in a low-profile ceiling mount. And, again, I was blown away by the screen’s quality. It’s quite fresh. The brightness is adequate. Even with the curtains open and on a sunny day, I could see the movie, when with other projectors, the image vanished completely.

For the time being, this beamer serves me well, and it has taken me a long time to finally have a beamer that does not display dust spots, burn marks, or unsharpness in the edges after a few weeks.

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  1. Jeffrey K Huntsman

    This projector is a solid, quality product that is worth every dollar I spent for it.

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