AOC G2490VX Gaming Monitor Review with Specification

23.8″ VA Panel Display
Adaptive Sync Anti-tearing Technology
Full HD Display
Incredible 144Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response Time
Flicker Free Eye Protection

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Get into the field of e-sports with AOC G2490VX gaming monitor, offering ultra-narrow bezels on three sides, giving it a look that outperforms competitive ones. Its 144Hz refresh rate combined with 1ms reaction time and Adaptive-Sync support provides consumers with all the benefits they need for competitive gaming.

The AOC G2490VX gaming monitor has the ability to offer gamers a perfect first-person shooter experience, with a beautiful VA panel that allows virtual worlds to life. This display helps you play your favorite games at a smooth 144Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1ms.

Equip yourself with double the frame rate of most displays and say goodbye to blurred and blurred motion. With a 144Hz refresh rate, each frame is made sharply and smoothly in sequence, so you can match your shots precisely and experience high-speed races in all their glory.

A pixel reaction time of 1ms indicates a pace without a measure for an improved experience. Fast-moving action and abrupt transformations can be smoothly effected without the impact of ghosting.

AOC G2490VX gaming monitor is also Adaptive Sync ready, removing any tearing or stuttering by syncing the GPUs and the monitor to display frames when ready. It also guarantees one of the highest possible frame rates, eliminating some latency, which stutters feedback from the gaming mouse. Gamers will experience ultra-smooth gaming that offers them the strategic advantage they need.
No matter whether you’re watching pictures, videos, or playing your favorite game, you want the material to appear vibrant and bright from whatever perspective you see it. The AOC G2490VX gaming monitor comes with an innovative VA screen that creates bright colors and provides large viewing angles. With a wide viewing range, the pictures still appear fantastic and precise, regardless of the range you – or your buddies and co-workers seated or standing next to you – are staring at the computer.
Typical LED backlight displays change the brightness using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). This is causing a flicker. Although scarcely visible, flicker creates irritation over a long period of time. AOC Flicker-free technology uses the DC (Direct Current) backlight system to give your eyes a more comfortable viewing experience and well-being.
Expand the vision with a multiple display configuration. The shallow boundaries and 3-sided frameless style give limited bezel distraction. The AOC G2490VX gaming monitor has a VESA mount for a display arm in single or multiple display setups.

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24 “class (23.8” viewable) AOC Gaming display 1920×1080 Full HD resolution VA screen
Rapid 1ms response time (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh rate with FreeSync AMD for ultra-smooth competitive gameplay.
The AOC G2490VX gaming monitor comes with a 3-sided frameless configuration with ultra-narrow edges for the ultimate seamless multi-monitor system.
RE-SPAWNED: 3-year zero-bright-dot, 3-year advance substitution, 1-year (one-time) unintentional damage;
125.95 percent of sRGB & 92.85 percent of DCI-P3 color gamma coverage for correct color replication and lifelike photographs
1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI 1.4, and Audio Line Out for ease
VESA mounting capacity for customizable mounting choices
AOC LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree during extended gaming sessions.


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Product Max Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels

Product Standing screen display size

23.8 Inches