Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx Gaming Monitor Review

Resolution: 27″ WQHD (2560 x 1440)
AMD FreeSync Premium Technology: Yes
Refresh Rate: Overclock to 170Hz (Using Display Port)
Response Time: Up to 0.5ms (G to G)
Pixel Pitch: 0.233mm
Color Gamut: DCI-P3 95%
Color Accuracy: Delta E<2
Ergonomic Tilt: -5° to 25°
Height Adjustment Range: 4.7″

Every frame counts when it comes to professional gaming. Introducing the Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx gaming monitor, which has a WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution and can keep up with even the most intense gaming sessions. You have a significant advantage over other players because the game’s frame rate is set by your graphics card and not by the monitor’s predetermined refresh rate, thanks to technology developed by AMD Radeon. In addition, users may have a pleasant viewing experience when gaming thanks to a display that does not flicker, has minimal dimming and utilizes ComfyView. The layout helps you better use the space on your desk and enables you to create a single, continuous large-screen display by aligning numerous monitors next to one another.

Because the Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx has built-in stereo speakers with a power output of 2W, you can listen to music, watch movies, and play games without clogging up your workspace with additional speakers. Additionally, it has horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees, which means that you can see the image from almost any angle. You may put the monitor onto a wall, suitable arm, or multi-monitor stand by utilizing the 100 x 100mm VESA mounting holes. Alternately, you can adjust the screen’s height, tilt, swivel, and pivot to enhance the device’s comfort.

Appreciate the Scenery: This IPS monitor with a lower bezel and a 27-inch display has a resolution of 2560 by 1440, a refresh rate of 170 hertz, and a reaction time of 0.5 milliseconds. These specifications combine to provide visuals that are as fluid as possible, even during high-action films and games. In addition to this, it is capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors, has a high-dynamic range mode that covers 95% of the DCI-P3 gamut, a brightness of 400 cd/m2, and a contrast ratio of 100 million:1. This creates pictures that are vibrant and true to life.

VESA DisplayHDR 400: To achieve greater color accuracy and contrast, the VESA DisplayHDR 400 quality standard considers brightness, color gamut, bit depth, and rise time.

AMD FreeSync: Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx gaming monitor comes with AMD’s FreeSync Technology which helps ro reduce the amount of tearing on your screen. FreeSync significantly reduces the amount of screen tearing, stuttering, and other abnormalities that might occur during gameplay by allowing the display to dynamically change its refresh rate to the frame rate generated by the graphics card.

Play it Loud! The monitor features 2W stereo speakers, so you can enjoy music, films, and games without taking up more space on your desktop by utilizing external speakers. Play it Loud!

The Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx is a fully connected monitor with one DisplayPort 1.2 input and two HDMI 2.0 connectors.

The display has viewing angles of 178 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical planes, which means that the image may be seen well from almost any angle. You may put the monitor on a wall suitable swivel arm or multi-monitor stand using the 100 x 100mm VESA mounting holes. The monitor’s height, tilt, swivel, and pivot can be adjusted to maximize your comfort level while working with it.

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My Honest Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx Gaming Monitor Review

I made the buy on a peak day, intending to use it for console gaming, and the pricing is hard to match for a solid budget monitor manufactured by a firm that I’ve heard of in the past. Because Xbox is quite selective about the displays in which it will support 1440p gameplay at 120 hertz, this one worked perfectly right out of the box and presented no challenges.

Make sure you deactivate GSYNC in the Nvidia control panel if you notice that your display continues flashing dark at random or when you click on a window. It seems to be the case whether you have an HDMI source, regardless of whether or not you are using DisplayPort with this monitor. If it does happen at all, you should deactivate it; otherwise, the bother isn’t worth it unless you use this display as a backup monitor to a proper GSYNC monitor.

I followed the guidelines in another review to get a gorgeous HDR display: Set the NVIDIA color settings (found at the bottom of the ‘change resolution’ option) to YCbCr422, 10bpc, and restricted range. Enable high dynamic range (HDR) in the Windows settings. Be careful to turn on high dynamic range (HDR) in the display’s settings menu.

Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx monitor looks stunning in HDR mode and performs exceptionally well at 144 hertz or higher. Because I find HDR to be a little too bright, I switched it back to SDR and adjusted the brightness to the middle. Now it seems very good/standard. Don’t panic if it seems off when you first acquire the monitor; you need to adjust the display settings in either your operating system or the monitor itself to make it appear the way it should.

Overall, this monitor is precise as advertised, and if HDR is enabled, it offers a stunning visual experience. The flimsy and unstable stand is my primary point of contention. If it’s feasible, you should look into acquiring a suitable substitute. I did not have any problems with the brightness, except for HDR, but that is to be expected. Even with HDR enabled, I didn’t see any problem with the light bleeding. OSD controller is simple to use, which makes it simple even with another monitor bordering the edge of the screen. I used to have a CB271HU but decided to upgrade since this monitor is much better. I strongly suggest it.




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