The AAXA KP-101-01 LED PICO Micro Video Projector Review

The AAXA KP-101-01 LED Pico Micro Video Projector has ultra bright 25 Lumens brightness, high definition 720p (1280×720) resolution (max 1080p), vibrant color technology with 15,000 hour long LEDs life.

The AAXA KP-101-01 LED PICO, pocket projector joins ultra-smaller, dependable LED projector innovation, an inherent interactive media player, and an HDMI port to turn into a versatile projector power-house. The LED PICO plays high-goals recordings, pictures, and content through a smaller scale SD Card or USB memory stick, or acknowledges a piece of advanced information sourced from various info sources. HDMI, VGA, USB, Composite Audio/Video, SD+HC, Provides an extensible structure that empowers. A plan that conveys high accessibility, versatility, and for greater adaptability and value/execution. The nation of beginning is China.

The AAXA KP-101-01 projector has ultra-Bright 25 Lumens, High Definition 720p (1280×720) Native Resolution (Max 1080p), Vibrant Color Technology with 15,000-hour LEDs

Ultra-convenient with 80 Minute Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-particle battery that can be charged through provided small-scale USB link.

The AAXA KP-101-01 projector has built in powerful speakers, 16:9 perfect, smaller than usual HDMI, 3.5mm Aux Audio Out, Composite A/V associations, and Micro SD, USB perusers for Media Playback (Accepts evaluates to 16GB).

For Personal Media Sharing with loved ones, USB Plug and Play moment set up; Apple Mac and PC Compatible

The projector provide up to 60-inch picture (in low-light condition)

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