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  • MiTecHPro Projector

    MiTecHPro Projector Review: Big Screen, Bright Colors, and Stereo Sound


    The MiTecHPro projector is a high-quality portable device designed to provide an immersive home entertainment experience. With native 1080P resolution, 340 ANSI lumens brightness, and 10000:1 contrast ratio, it delivers clear and high-definition picture quality. Its multiple connectivity options, built-in stereo speaker, and big screen size make it a perfect choice for streaming movies and gaming.

  • Epson PowerLite L530U Projector

    Epson PowerLite L530U Projector Review: The Smart, Easy Choice for Presentations and More


    The Epson PowerLite L530U long-throw laser projector is a versatile, powerful tool for delivering engaging, impactful presentations in business, education and other settings. With up to 5,200 lumens of brightness and Full HD WUXGA support, this projector delivers vivid, true-to-life images on screens up to 500″ diagonal. Its virtually maintenance-free laser light source and built-in tools make it easy to install and use, ensuring a streamlined experience every time.

  • Giaomar Projector

    Giaomar Projector Review: A Portable Home Theater with Built-in HiFi Stereo Speakers


    The Giaomar projector is a portable home theater that offers native 1080P full HD and 4K projection with consistently vibrant colors and a 13000:1 contrast ratio. It features 5.1 Bluetooth function, 5G/2.4G Dual-Band WiFi, and wide compatibility with various devices. With a big 300″ screen, built-in HiFi stereo speakers, and a portable projector bag, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to enjoy a visual feast in widescreen anywhere they want.

  • WEWATCH Projector

    WEWATCH Projector Review: Native 1080P Resolution & 200″ Big Screen


    The WEWATCH Projector is a versatile and portable device that delivers native 1080P resolution, up to a 200″ projection screen, and Hi-Fi stereo speakers. It is fully adapted to TV sticks and offers fast and stable WiFi screen mirroring for easy content streaming. With its adjustable height tripod stand, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Optoma UHD38x Projector

    Optoma UHD38x Projector Review: Immerse Yourself in Stunning 4K Ultra HD Images


    The Optoma UHD38x is a high-performance home entertainment and gaming projector that delivers stunning true 4K Ultra HD images with 8.3 million pixels. With a high brightness of 4,000 lumens, HDR and HLG compatibility, and an ultra-fast 240Hz gaming feature, this projector is perfect for console gamers, TV and movie enthusiasts, and those looking for an immersive home entertainment experience. Its ultra-detail technology and RGBWRGBW 8 segment color wheel produce a crisp, colorful, and cinematic picture with enhanced image sharpness and vivid colors.

  • VACASSO RD822 Projector

    VACASSO RD822 Review: Your Ultimate Home Theater Projector


    The VACASSO RD822 is a portable movie projector that offers wide compatibility with HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, and 3.5mm audio. With 1080P resolution and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, it provides a dynamic and color vibrant image quality on a screen size of up to 200″. Built with a powerful cooling system and high clear stereo speaker, it provides a stunning watching and listening experience.

  • Optoma UHD35x ProjectorOptoma UHD35x Projector

    Optoma UHD35x Projector Review: True 4K Ultra HD with HDR and HLG Compatibility


    The Optoma UHD35x is a premium projector with real 4K Ultra HD resolution and 8.3 million individually programmable pixels. It is the ideal option for gamers because to its ultra-fast 240Hz gaming capabilities, upgraded gaming mode, and lowest input latency on a 4K projector. In addition to HDR and HLG compatibility, ultra-bright 3600 lumens of brightness, and a color wheel with an improved color ratio for richer, more vibrant pictures, the projector is also HDR and HLG compatible.

  • Amlink A10 mini projector

    Amlink Projector Review: Enjoy Vivid and Dynamic Visuals


    Portable and small, the Amlink Mini Projector enriches your home entertainment experience. With a high contrast ratio and 1080p Full HD resolution, it offers a cinematic experience of the highest caliber. It is a perfect option for enjoying movies, videos, and games on the move due to its built-in speakers and broad compatibility with many devices.

  • YZQ P3 Projector

    YZQ P3 Projector Review: The Ultimate Gaming and Streaming Experience


    The YZQ P3 Outdoor Projector is a high-performance mini projector designed for an immersive home theater experience. With a native 1080P resolution, 500 ANSI 13000L brightness, and 4K support, it delivers delicate detail images to the max 300” screen. It supports 5G WiFi and Bidirectional 5.1 BT for fast and stable streaming, and allows for easy connectivity with iOS and Android phones, TV sticks, and other media devices. This versatile projector also offers electrical ±50° 4D keystone correction and manual focus adjustment, allowing you to adjust the image to the correct clear image by remote. The YZQ P3 Outdoor Projector is perfect for movie nights, gaming, and gatherings with family and friends.